Elevate your site's potential with our cutting-edge technology solutions designed to maximize ad revenue and performance.
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Unlock your gaming earning potential across all devices and platforms - Desktop, Android, and iOS smartphones and tablets.
Our platform allows publishers and game developers to monetize with Preroll, Midroll, and REWARDED ads seamlessly. Get started quickly and receive reliable 24/7 technical support.
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WGPlayer for VIDEO
Tailor-made for all types of video content, devices, and platforms - Desktop, Android, and iOS smartphones and tablets.
Our solution supports Preroll, Midroll, Postroll, any ad server, and all video ad standards: VAST 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, VPAID 1.0, 2.0, and VMAP 1.0.
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WGPlayer for DISPLAY
Maximize your content's monetization potential with Automated Display Ads on any device and platform - Desktop, Android, and IOS smartphones and tablets.
Our platform intelligently selects the best performing ad format and type, from standard to video and native ads, to optimize your revenue. An easy-to-use solution for any site.
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Recommender & Stories
Information filtering system that seeks to predict the preference of a user
Explore, share and one immediate recommendation to increase your user retention and engagement
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Experience the power of our on-the-fly image optimization and delivery platform.
Scylla significantly reduces image file sizes without compromising quality, ensuring your website loads faster for an improved user experience.
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Bandwidth saving Having a CDN to back up your server/hosting plan is always a good ideea. Images are loading faster worldwide and are always available.
Fast implementation Effortlessly implementation gives you the opportunity to hop on/off anytime you feel a change is needed.
Consistent quality Keep the original image quality in a new compressed image.

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